ONgroup Enhances its MV# Developer Studio

ONgroup is releasing an improved version of the MV# Developer Studio, enhancing editing in .NET and making improvements to the user interface.

MV# Developer Studio 2.0 has been enhanced to be a contemporary editor running in .NET that works for all MVON# customers.

MVON# Netbuilder sites still get the big benefits of an IDE, and now those running MV BASIC and related languages without Netbuilder can still get the benefit of thisl MV# editor. Compiling with the MV# Developer Studio transpiles to C# and runs the MV code in .NET.

Included in the update are color coding, code folding, and multiple tabs across servers and databases.

Clicking or touching the screen to compile, with or without debug, is what developers working in other languages expect.

 “It is one place in the demos to MultiValue developers where we hear ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs,’ however,” said Grant Hart, chief software architect for ONgroup. “MV# Developer Studio 2.0 feels more like Microsoft Visual Studio than other editors that support MV BASIC, PROCs and Paragraphs.”

MV# Developer Studio from ONgroup is an editor for MV BASIC and an IDE for MVON# Netbuilder applications. Netbuilder runs applications in .NET with SQL Server that were originally written in System Builder (SB+). The Studio includes a designer, property pane and other features for rapid development and maintenance of applications.

The MV# Developer Studio is part of the MVON# suite of tools that free MultiValue applications from using MV-specific databases or MV-specific run machines. MVON# tools run MultiValue applications in .NET with MV data in SQL Server.

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