OZ and erwin Partner to Speed Enterprise Digital Transformation

OZ, a global consulting, services, and solutions provider, has announced a partnership with erwin, a data governance company, to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation efforts in analytics and AI, automation, IoT, and cloud services.

OZ will use the erwin Data Intelligence Suite for enterprise data governance capabilities, including data cataloging and business glossary management. With these capabilities, the company says, it can automate and therefore accelerate many of the data governance processes critical to delivering a successful CX.

OZ is planning to use the erwin Data Catalog to harvest metadata from source systems and generate and manage source-to-target mappings and erwin Data Literacy to maintain business terms and rules for enterprise data warehouse projects, which involve aggregating data from multiple operating units and various source systems.

Combined in the erwin Data Intelligence suite, these erwin solutions allow for real-time impact analysis of source-system upgrades and maintain the history of changes to source-to-target mappings to document and understand data lineage. Because so many of the data preparation, ingestion, and integration processes are automated, errors and the time to value can be decreased.

“Many organizations prioritize data management and governance as part of their digital transformation strategy. However, few organizations truly understand their data or know how to consistently maximize its value,” said David Casillo, SVP, global channels and enterprise sales, erwin. “Through this partnership, OZ will be able to integrate automated data governance into its CX solutions to provide its customers greater awareness of and access to their available data assets, guidance on how to use them, and ensure data policies and best practices are followed. Insights then can be unlocked to drive the desired business outcomes.”

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