Objectivity Improves Performance and Scalability in InfiniteGraph 3.0

Objectivity, Inc., an enterprise NoSQL vendor, has announced the latest release of its distributed graph database technology, InfiniteGraph 3.0. The product offers improved performance and scalability to distributed environments as well as an entirely new approach to querying and data navigation. With ten-fold performance gains compared with previous versions, InfiniteGraph 3.0 enables organizations of all sizes to collect, analyze, and visualize the relationships between complex data in order to improve business decision-making. 

The only NoSQL distributed graph database, InfiniteGraph 3.0 provides extreme performance and scalability. “InfiniteGraph, based on ObjectivityDB, is distributed, the data can be anywhere, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it very easy to use. If you load data from another system into it, we’ve produced tools which make it possible to do that in parallel,” Leon Guzenda, founder of Objectivity, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

InfiniteGraph 3.0 features numerous performance improvements. With Enhanced Placement Manager, Distributed Parallel Navigation, and Graph View, customers receive “a very simple programmer interface and very powerful query capabilities,” Guzenda explains, adding that Objectivity has “added a lot more flexibility so people can add their own viewing software plug-ins and their own canned query modules as well.” With InfiniteGraph 3.0, organizations can take external data sources and bring them together in one place for detailed analytics and visualization.

General availability is slated for mid-October. Visit to learn more.