OccamSec Gives Organizations What They Need to Secure Their Environment with the Incenter Platform

OccamSec, a cybersecurity provider, is releasing the Incenter platform, identifying the security weaknesses an organization has in real-time and helping teams develop insights and communicate business context from a security perspective.

Incenter combines the functionality of a range of security services in one single solution. The platform provides, in real time, where an organization is vulnerable, and just as critically, what the impact will be if an attack occurs.

Incenter utilizes a dual approach. It combines the best in technology with advanced automated testing, and the best in people with OccamSec's security team, according to the vendor. Supported by vulnerability research and a threat intelligence team, the burden on clients having to buy multiple services is eliminated.

Users have the ability to generate reports that compile real-time information with the touch of a button, rather than waiting for a timed report to be generated.

Incenter also provides step-by-step guidance on how to mitigate any risks that are identified, with the tools an organization already has which means no hidden costs.

Incenter combines the functionality of a range of security services in one single solution with features including:

  • Manual Penetration Testing
  • Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)
  • Automated Security Validation (ASV)
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
  • Crowd Source Penetration Testing
  • Threat Intelligence

"Over the years we have seen what works, what doesn't and where the gaps are," says OccamSec founder Mark Stamford. "The biggest gap is organizations needing more and more tools and services to effectively secure themselves. The key to effective security is joining the dots, not having ever more dots scattered in ever more places. With Incenter we have combined the talents of our security team and their expert knowledge, with a technical solution that is unrivaled. The result is a win for our clients, regardless of size."

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