Octonion Launches New Portal to Deploy IoT Projects More Seamlessly


Octonion, an IoT software provider, is introducing a new Brainium online portal in partnership with Avnet and Microsoft.

Octonion's new Brainium portal is designed to help engineers and manufacturers deploy IoT projects with AI and security at the edge leveraging SmartEdge Agile, an IoT ready to use device, developed by Avnet and powered by ST Micro's STM32 micro-controller.

The solution is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to take full advantage of Azure performance and robustness.

The portal allows any user to start an industrial Proof of Concept (POC) that can be re-used up to industrialization.

Brainium takes away the complexity of software for IoT applications so that customers can focus on their use case.

By harnessing the power of the Brainium portal, users will be able to conceptualize IoT and AI-based concepts for a range of applications including predictive maintenance for smart manufacturing, smart building, smart farming as well as activity tracking.

Through the new Brainium portal, users will have access to AI Studio: a “no-coding” machine learning tool that enables developers and manufacturers to bring advanced intelligence to their devices.

AI Studio has been designed in a first step for motion and vibration analysis, with more AI-based features to be integrated in the near future.

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