Okera Delivers Unified Fine-Grained Access to Microsoft Azure Data Lakes

Okera, provider of a data management solution that enables companies to discover, audit, and protect data at scale, has announced a new release of the Okera Active Data Access Platform (ODAP), which increases data security with automated discovery, classification, and usage tracking of sensitive data at scale.

Okera offers unified fine-grained access across analytics and machine learning tools like Azure Databricks, Power BI, and Azure HDInsight while enforcing fine-grained security policies consistently across all analytics tools.

Featuring full support for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 1 and ADLS Gen 2 data lakes, Okera enables compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA through simplified support for consent management and right to erasure.

Okera scans ADLS data lakes for sensitive data such as “credit card number” and “email address” and features a graphical policy editor that empowers data security teams to author fine-grained security policies based on these business classifications. 

“As enterprises seek to take advantage of the power and flexibility of Azure data lakes, they cannot sacrifice their ability to maintain data security and privacy,” said Nong Li, co-founder and CEO of Okera. “We are pleased to be working with Microsoft to protect Azure data lakes with our groundbreaking technology, which is the first to offer fine-grained security to Azure Databricks with automated discovery, classification, and usage tracking at scale.” 

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