OmniOn Power Strengthens Global Data Center Architecture Offering

OmniOn Power is expanding its Edge data center power architecture (Edge) with a new three-phase, 200/208/240-volt (V) low-line version to help address the power demands of data center companies around the world.

Combined with the company’s 480V Edge power architecture, OmniOn can now provide a comprehensive offering for global data center companies, regardless of region or available AC utility power feed. 

“Our Edge power architecture provides a unique solution to data center power challenges, allowing for AC power to be fed directly into the cabinet where it is then converted to the DC power required by today’s advanced networking equipment,” said Vito Savino, data center and wireline segment leader at OmniOn Power. “This allows for higher power densities than with a traditional uninterruptible power supply and enables data center designers and operators to leverage previously stranded white space on the data center floor for expanded revenue-generating computing capacity.”

OmniOn’s low-line GP100 rectifiers are utilized as the building blocks for the new low-line Edge power architecture and help provide the same power density, scalability, capex and opex benefits as their 480V counterparts.

This opens a new door to added flexibility and reduced costs for data centers where 480V power is not available. Up to 48 kilowatts (kW) of capacity can be achieved in a single cabinet, and the design of the power architecture—with power equipment housed vertically on the inside wall of the cabinet—allows more space for additional computing capacity in each unit. 

“Power conversion is not always one-size-fits-all; different application types, regions, and companies often require unique solutions to address their power needs,” Savino continued. “Expanding our Edge product family helps us bring next-generation power conversion infrastructure to customers with operations around the globe, providing them with the reliable, efficient solutions they need to power their data centers of today and tomorrow.”

In addition to the low-line version of the Edge power architecture, OmniOn is now offering a new battery option for the power system: nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Previously, the Edge power architecture was only available with valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.

With NiMH batteries, two times more battery capacity and reserve can be achieved in the same footprint as the VRLA batteries. The NiMH batteries feature an anticipated life expectancy of seven to 10 years in typical data center operating environments, and predictive intelligent monitoring provides complete status details of the battery as well as information related to remaining useable life.

OmniOn has also developed an Edge inverter cabinet, which is able to power remaining or legacy AC loads in adjacent cabinets without having to resort to a traditional UPS.

Together, these new features help create a comprehensive solution from a single power provider to help meet the data center power needs of customers around the globe.

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