Omni’s $26.9M Funding Supercharges Public Launch of its Collaborative Data Technology

Omni, a business intelligence (BI) platform, is debuting its collaborative data technology to the public, backed by its $26.9 million in funding. The funding includes participation from enterprises like First Round and GV, as well as Series A funding led by Redpoint that yielded $17.5 million. Other participants to the funding round include Box Group, Quiet, Scribble, and angel investors. Omni’s innovation as a consolidated BI platform differentiates its approach compared to other solutions on the market, according to the vendor.

“Working with data should be collaborative and fast-paced, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of overall organizational data integrity,” said Colin Zima, CEO of Omni and the former chief analytics officer at Looker. “We’ve seen first-hand how tools that specialize–and therefore force tradeoffs–are doomed to fail on the promise of business intelligence. We built Omni to fill the gap between instant-gratification analytics and the reliability and governance of mature enterprise BI.”

Since Omni’s founding in February 2022 by executives from Looker and Stitch, its creation as a BI platform that streamlines data model systems with SQL support is based on providing its users with a single, efficient source for data collaboration without compromising speed, flexibility, or vast quality. Omni automatically builds a sandbox data model as you query and provides its users with the ability to promote metrics to the shared model for organization-wide usage. The platform also considers accessibility, promoting its ease of use for a variety of technical skill sets. The funding Omni has accumulated will go towards the growth of these functions and core values, as well as expanding their team of employees, according to the vendor.

“We're thrilled to work with Omni—and I'm excited to back them as an angel investor—because they make it possible to have it all: consistency, reliability, and speed,” said Parker Conrad, CEO and co-founder of Rippling. "In fact, we share a worldview as builders of compound startups. Our challenges couldn't possibly be solved by narrow point solutions, and the Omni team has taken the far harder, but more helpful path of building a platform with breadth and depth. As repeat leaders in the same corporate space, they've seen firsthand the opportunity and how best to address it going forward, something that's clearly informed the product we’re using today."

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