On-Demand DBTA Webcast Examines New Technologies Revolutionizing the Database World

A recent DBTA webcast provided insight on how new technologies are revolutionizing the database world. The webcast, sponsored by Progress Software and TransLattice, is now available on demand. Today’s businesses are being challenged on many levels with the demand for access to more data. Data growth which is impacting the size and number or data stores across organizations as well as the variety of data sources and types are factors that are fueling this growth.

New data storage technologies such as NoSQL and NewSQL databases, as well as in-memory processing and virtualization have emerged and there is a deeper understanding of how they are changing the database world as we know it, explained Bradley Wright, senior product manager, Progress Software. NoSQL (or Not Only SQL) databases highlight simplicity of design and horizontal scaling over broad support for use cases and general purpose usage. The NoSQL technologies are purposely built for specific cases that are not well managed by traditional relational databases. “You can think of it as a revolution,” said Wright.

The TransLattice Elastic Database is a NewSQL product that provides a new way to control data while still allowing SQL advantages. “Our goal is to provide the scalability of a NoSQL database with ACID; we allow geographical distribution, an all active approach, and our focus is on OLTP,” noted Robert Ross, architect and director of research, TransLattice.

Go here to access the webcast, titled "New Technologies Revolutionizing the Database World." It will be archived for the next 90 days.