On-Demand Webcast on How to Gain Value from Big Data with Graph Technology

A recent DBTA webcast providing an insightful overview of how graph technology enables organizations with real-time solutions for big data analytics is now available on-demand.  There are different types of graph database technologies and requirements needed to fully extract value from big data applications for improved services and new revenue generating opportunities. Presented by Leon Guzenda, founder of Objectivity, this discussion covers existing graph database use cases and explores the latest features of InfiniteGraph 3.0, a distributed and commercially scalable graph database.

“Object databases assign a unique identity to every object when it is created.  That means that you can use those object IDs just like pointers so you can traverse things very quickly. Graph database is really a subset of object database technology which narrows it down to just two kinds of objects - vertex objects, which are the nodes, and edge objects, which are the connections,” Guzenda explained.

Graph database technology, Guzenda noted, “is used most often for its connectivity - finding connections between things and that is the primary use of most of the applications that we get involved in.” 

Graph databases are frequently used for social network analysis and logistics. Cybersecurity is another growing area of interest, he said. “If you want to look over things over time, it is very nice to have everything in-memory and be able to react quickly to some kind of attack. But if you can’t store data over a long period, you won’t be able to recognize slowly developing threats."

Go here to access the webcast, titled "Realize the value in your Big Data with Graph Technology." It will be archived for the next 90 days.