OneStream Continues to Embrace User Transparency with Sensible ML Updates

OneStream, the provider of corporate performance management (CPM) solutions, is launching new capabilities for Sensible ML, the time series ML solution for improving forecasting accuracy and efficiency. The updates will drive increased transparency, trust, and agility while additionally enhancing time-to-value in operational planning.

Alignment between financial planning and operational planning—including sales planning, demand planning, and sales and operations planning (S&OP)—is the key focus for Sensible ML’s new capabilities. The solution enhances forecasting accuracy while integrating with planning, reporting, and dashboard processes, according to the vendor.

“OneStream views the opportunity for AI no differently from core CPM processes–AI must be unified to core processes if it’s going to succeed,” said Tom Shea, CEO at OneStream. “Traditional CPM tools offer the same challenges they always do. They are fragmented, require data movement and maintenance behind the scenes, and do not contain actual ML modeling capabilities. Our expanded Sensible ML release allows users to align financial and operational planning across the enterprise, with enhanced capabilities for leveraging external data to further drive transparency and understanding of key business drivers while seamlessly integrating it into their existing CPM processes.”

With Sensible ML’s new feature library, users can automatically graft external data sources into a Sensible ML project. The updates also include setting prediction intervals, feature impact visibility, prediction explanations, quantifiable feature usefulness, new consumption exports, as well as new data visualizations and advanced data views.

“The ability to quickly generate driver-based forecasts is essential to adapting to our changing business conditions,” said Melanie Hermann, director of finance process and systems at Polaris Industries. “Incorporating AI into our planning and forecasting through the OneStream Sensible ML solution accelerates the forecasting process and further elevates it with powerful ML data-driven forecasts. Sensible ML forecasts have shown to be significantly more accurate, and the value-add dashboard provides the business users insights into the key features driving the forecast to easily manage, improve, and enhance the model.”

Sensible ML’s updates are now available to existing OneStream SaaS customers.

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