Onix Systems Group Teams Up with Entrinsik to Deliver Self-Service Reporting and Ad Hoc Analysis Capabilities

Onix Systems Group Inc., a provider of budgeting solutions for the healthcare industry, and Entrinsik, Inc., a provider of operational reporting and analysis solutions, have formed a partnership to integrate Informer Web Reporting into the Onix Budget System.

Informer is Entrinsik's web-based reporting and analysis solution providing end users with real-time access to their data. It includes the ability to extract data from multiple systems using self-service report customization and ad-hoc analysis capabilities that presents information according to the demands of a varied user audience. The Onix Budget System is being used by hospitals and health regions, large and small, to facilitate the preparation of their operating budget. It incorporates the use of server and client technologies to deliver budgeting capability to the end-user leaving control with the finance department.

"Onix writes software to assist with budgeting for hospitals, and they have a family of hospitals that they service," Chris Reeves, director, channel relationships, Entrinsik, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Through the new partnership, Onix will provide an OEM version of Informer, which includes standard reports and standard mapping so that when a client purchases Informer, they get instant return on investment, explains Reeves. They just install it which takes 5 minutes, and they log in, and they instantly have access to known quality reports, which were built by Entrinsik and Onix together. "This will provide them the web-based, real-time analytical capabilities of Informer against their budgeting system," Reeves notes.

"Our approach at Onix is to provide the appropriate tool set for each user group utilizing proven technologies," says Ken Szreier, president at Onix Systems Group Inc. "By partnering with Entrinsik, Onix can now deliver web-based reporting to its customers providing real-time access to their Onix database," he explains. "Our customers will find the ad hoc data analysis features particularly useful to gain a better understanding of their budget components."

The partnership expands Entrinsik's footing in the healthcare sector, notes Reeves, who points out that this is an area that the company views as a growth opportunity for its business and one that the company has focused on. "That is why we are particularly excited about Onix."

For more information on Onix Systems Group, located in Mississauga, Ontario, go here. For more on Entrinsik, go here.