Onsystex Expands its Platform to Help MultiValue Users Get the Most Out of Their Systems

Onsystex, Inc., a provider of application modernization tools for the MultiValue (sometimes called Pick systems) community, is expanding one of its platform with features designed to help enterprise CIO’s meet mandates.

The updates include OASYS|Omni MultiValue-based API framework designed to expose both reading and writing of legacy functionality and data as RestAPI’s,  OASYS|Bridge real-time replication services which surface MultiValue data structures in normalized SQL-based databases for use in business intelligence, reporting and external web development applications, and OASYS|Web user interface development platform which generates responsive web/mobile interfaces dynamically from “green-screen” implementations.

 “We have been an active participant in the MultiValue marketplace for over 25 years,” said Tim Spells, CEO of Onsystex. “We have leveraged our knowledge of both the strengths and weaknesses of MultiValue technologies to create this powerful suite of tools and services.”

Onsystex offers the products individually or bundled along with providing global consulting resources to help firms shape their modernization roadmap. 

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