Ontotext Introduces ChatGPT Capabilities in GraphDB 10.3

Ontotext is releasing GraphDB 10.3, introducing new features such as the integration of ChatGPT, a popular large language model (LLM), to greatly assist users in comprehending SPARQL queries and results, while also providing a new mechanism to enrich RDF data.

With the integration of ChatGPT, users will now be able to delve into the world of RDF with greater ease and gain a deeper understanding of its capabilities. Whether they are just starting out or have advanced knowledge, this integration empowers them to leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities and seamlessly integrate them with their RDF data to extract valuable insights, according to the company.

One of the most significant aspects of this integration is the ability to explain queries and/or results with the assistance of ChatGPT.

This feature ensures that users not only obtain accurate and relevant answers but also gain a better understanding of the underlying query logic and the significance of the obtained results.

According to the company, such explanations foster a more informed decision-making process and empower users to extract maximum value from their RDF datasets.

Furthermore, GraphDB now provides the ability to pose generic questions to ChatGPT directly from SPARQL. By doing so, users can enrich their graphs and extract additional information from their data.

Additionally, the upgrade of Ontop, a powerful solution for data virtualization, to version 5 significantly reduces the time and effort required to construct a knowledge graph from existing data sources by bringing new features and support for additional data sources, according to the company.

Upgraded versions of the Elasticsearch and Solr connectors, along with a new dedicated OpenSearch connector, offer users better flexibility for indexing and searching their data.

GraphDB 10.3 also includes numerous other improvements and bug fixes, further enhancing the overall user experience and stability of the system.

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