Onymos Expands Capabilities to Include IoT Development

Onymos, provider of a Features-as-a-Service platform, announced the company is extending its platform to support the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) ecosystems and applications. Available now, enterprises can access the IoT capabilities through the Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform.


“IoT is growing more and more popular each day, and many industries like healthcare, agriculture, and energy are beginning to deploy the technology as part of their operations. However, for enterprises to benefit from the technology, they must first assemble the underlying ecosystem that enables the devices to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems—an activity that is extremely complex and arduous,” said Shiva Nathan, founder and CEO of Onymos. “Our IoT solution provides engineering teams and developers with the necessary building blocks to create the ecosystem required for the devices and systems to function properly.”

Additionally, Onymos IoT provides engineering teams with:
  • Onymos Edge: A protocol-agnostic gateway that enables IoT devices and apps to communicate.
  • Onymos Access: A drop-in log-in solution that is delivered as a front-end code library, which can be connected to a customer’s user database. This library contains the most popular OAuth 2.0-powered providers like Okta, Auth0, Azure AD and social auth providers like Apple, Google, and Facebook, among others, allowing enterprises to choose their preferred authentication method.
  • Onymos DataStore: A set of utility functions for securely storing and retrieving data in the cloud. It standardizes access and connectivity to all of the most popular cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


The Onymos Features-as-a-Service platform is a pro-code platform that enables companies in various industries—including retail, healthcare, delivery, digital media, and entertainment—to achieve unmatched speed, quality, and value in their application development and innovation.

It has over 20 foundational app features, including access, biometrics, chat, deep links, location, notifications, and payments.

According to the vendor, these features can be easily added to new or existing applications and include the UI/UX, security, help with compliance requirements, underlying logic that runs on the device, the server-side functions and integrations that process and store data in the cloud, and automatic updates.

The Onymos platform also supports many of the most popular frameworks for web and mobile application development, messaging protocols, and more.

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