OpTier Introduces New version of Business Transaction Monitoring Solution

OpTier has announced the release of OpTier BTM version 4, a solution for end-to-end business transaction management, from the end-user, cross-application, data center and cloud perspectives.

With this release, the business transaction management solution is "ever more business-centric for application performance management," Linh Ho, director of product marketing based in New York, tells 5 Minute Briefing. To achieve this, BTM version 4 provides a customizable, easy-to-use interface that offers role, activity and process-based dashboards and reports, empowering a broader constituency of business and IT managers in decision-making about performance, capacity and configuration. In addition, a powerful OLAP (online analytical processing) engine enables easy and flexible manipulation of rich data for meaningful business-centric information. "Users can easily slice and dice the data and view it through various different dimensions," Ho points out. In addition, OpTier has launched a complex event processing engine that is also part of the release, called the OpTier Business Events module, enabling customers to define alerts on business operations abnormalities and also IT operations abnormalities. Together, these three capabilities support the focus on business-centric application performance management as a key value point for customers, says Ho.

Another key benefit of the new release, she adds, is that it dramatically simplifies end to end application application performance management. With this release, OpTier's end user experience monitoring solution can be offered as a standalone offering or seamlessly integrated with the BTM suite. The new release also provides deep diagnostics for root cause analysis, including visibility into J2EE calling methods, mainframe CICS transactions, SQL statements and more, for faster troubleshooting.

And finally, the third key emphasis of the release is more simple deployment with a flexible and extensible approach using a combination of lightweight agents and agentless capabilities to fit the needs of the customer environment. Also, with iBTM, OpTier's new iPhone application, users can access and manage application and business transaction performance data from anywhere.

For complete product details, go here.