OpTier Launches Business Events Module

OpTier, a provider of business transaction (BTM) management software for the enterprise, has launched the OpTier Business Events module. Built around a complex event processing (CEP) engine, the new module will monitor real-time business transactions and give enterprises the ability to make rapid, proactive decisions about business-critical activities by providing continuous intelligence.

The Business Events module for OpTier BTM monitors real-time business transaction, end user experience events and third-party data from a variety of sources. As scenarios develop that require immediate attention, business rules alert IT and the enterprise to the developing situation.

Information about events can be tailored to be displayed via a role-based dashboard to provide customized alerts and reports that empower decision making. Bringing together relevant data sources through BTM allows companies to spot and act on trends, either in real-time or through historical analysis.

"OpTier Business Events module is the ideal technology for organizations that want intelligent and more agile ways to sell products and services to customers. Understanding events as they happen enables companies to be more clever and focused in how they engage with customers. A scenario might be mobile geolocation information being used to target shoppers that have a weakness for handbags with targeted discount offers as they approach a branch of their favorite department store," explains Motti Tal, co-founder, OpTier.

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