OpTier Launches Transaction Monitoring Tool

OpTier, a provider of business transaction management tools, launched OpTier Experience Manager, a product that measures the volume, performance, service levels and availability of all business transactions, alerts IT in real time to developing issues and provides ongoing reporting and analysis of the user experience. With a real-time view of the IT environment, organizations can ensure that the level of service delivered to the business is meeting expectations.

OpTier Experience Manager is in Beta and will be generally available at the end of October 2009. Companies may purchase OpTier Experience Manager as a stand-alone product or as a part of the OpTier BTM Suite. "OpTier's BTM provides end-to-end transactional visibility into application architectures running on IBM solutions such as WebSphere WAS, Portal, ESB, Datapower, and back-end data sources such as DB2 and mainframe services such as CICS thru CTG," Russell Rothstein, vice president of product marketing at OpTier, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

OpTier Experience Manager's 24x7, agent-less monitoring helps IT to prevent service outages by improving application visibility and simplifying problem isolation. By collecting information from multiple data sources including the network, log files and page tags, OpTier Experience Manager provides visibility into application availability, response times and end user behavior. In addition to this real time monitoring, OpTier Experience Manager also offers historical analysis and trending of transaction usage by users, geographies and groups, enabling IT to continuously monitor and proactively improve the user experience.

OpTier Experience Manager is able to provide deep visibility into transactions as they travel from the end user through the data center and other back-end tiers. OpTier Experience Manager and CoreFirst enable companies to proactively and quickly identify and address problematic transactions from the data center to the end user within seconds to resolve problems immediately-before users experience degradation in service.

By integrating CoreFirst software with OpTier Experience Manager to create the OpTier BTM Suite, OpTier delivers a solution for both end user monitoring and transaction management in a single solution that manages the entire transaction from the end user through every tier of the data center.

"Through auto discovery of transactions, providing key performance data, topology and segmentation of execution times on each tier servicing the transaction, OpTier BTM enables end-user SLA compliance, problem isolation, outage avoidance, capacity and business service management," says Rothstein. "This perspective allows for faster, most accurate mean time to repair (MTTR) to isolate and resolve bottlenecks and other issues."

For more information, visit the OpTier website.