OpTier Ships Big Data Analytics Solution

Business analytics vendor OpTier has released OpTier APM 5.0, a solution that provides real-time business transaction analytics and deep diagnostics, enabling improved visibility and gains in productivity. OpTier also released a new Big Data Analytics solution that takes advantage of OpTier’s business transaction-based platform, providing real-time big data analytics already in context and reducing time and cost.

OpTier APM 5.0 upholds business transaction context across the entire end-to-end business service while providing diagnostic and performance data across critical data sources. “We now have a single solution that can do end-user experience, horizontal transaction management, business transaction monitoring across the entire end-to-end business process and multi-process transactions,” Andy Wild, president of OpTier, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The latest APM release from OpTier is the only product that combines horizontal business transaction monitoring with vertical deep-dive in a single solution. “We have deep dive capabilities that can get down into the infrastructure line of code for problem isolation and problem resolution,” Wild explains. This can replace existing legacy APM tools and optimize existing APM and monitoring investments, reducing current operational expenses.

OpTier’s new Big Data Analytics solution tracks billions of transactions each day from end-to-end. “We’re now storing and maintaining all those transactions, all of the data with those transactions, all of that business context, all together in a big data device, Cassandra,” says Wild, adding that, “We built an analytics capability on top of that which allows you to slice and dice the data that OpTier already collected in context and to be able to mix that with a set of external data.” This provides customers with context to information such as performance data, user information, and contextual business data

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