Open Data Center Alliance Launched

An independent consortium of enterprises and IT vendors, called The Open Data Center Alliance, has been launched, and its first deliverable is the Alliance's 0.5 Usage Model Roadmap, which lays out open, interoperable solutions that can be sourced from multiple vendors and interoperate across data centers.

Members of the Open Data Center Alliance - with over $50 billion in collective IT spending - say they are committed to this Roadmap to guide their data center and cloud purchasing decisions today and for planning their data center deployments of the future. The Alliance is led by a steering committee including executives at BMW; China Life; Deutsche Bank; JPMorgan Chase; Lockheed Martin; Marriott International, Inc.; National Australia Bank; Shell; Terremark; and UBS. The Alliance also had an additional 70 members at launch time. Intel Corporation was selected to serve as technical adviser for the organization.

The Open Data Center Alliance has three levels of membership: Steering Committee, Contributor and Adopter membership. Adopter-level membership in the Alliance is available to anyone who is building cloud or data center infrastructure and is unencumbered by vendor interests.

"The Open Data Center Alliance will facilitate collaboration and provide a Roadmap to industry and government to influence cloud and data center infrastructure and technical requirements," says Curt Aubley, Open Data Center Alliance president and vice president and CTO at Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions. The roadmap includes a total of 19 prioritized usage models that address emerging technical requirements for data center and cloud infrastructure.

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