Open Mainframe Project Gains Momentum

The Open Mainframe Project, an open source initiative that enables collaboration across the mainframe community to develop shared tool sets and resources, is announcing four new members: Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC; and three new projects: Feilong, zorow, and TerseDecompress.

"The Open Mainframe Project is a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and open source software on mainframes," said John Mertic, director of program management for the Linux Foundation and Open Mainframe Project. "We are increasing collaboration in the mainframe community, developing shared tool sets and resources and making mainframes, with their underlying compute power, more broadly available. Recent successes and continued international support show fantastic progress in these areas."

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, the Open Mainframe Project is comprised of more than 30 business and academic organizations that collaborate on vendor-neutral open source project with the mission of building community and adoption of open source on the mainframe.

The group is adding three new projects under its umbrella to expand how modern mainframe technology integrates with existing systems. Projects hosted by Open Mainframe Project have a vendor-neutral governance structure to encourage participation from a diversity of vendors and individuals, Feilong, TerseDecompress, and zorow are joining current projects ADE, Atom plugins for z/VM, Mentorship Program, and Zowe, nearly doubling the number of projects hosted by the Open Mainframe Project.  

Feilong is a z/VM Cloud Connector that provides virtual resource management for z/VM; TerseDecompress helps IBM mainframe customers uncompress large files like system dumps with the TERSE program on a mainframe; and z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (zorow) is a new open source community dedicated to contributing and collaborating on z/OSMF workflows.

In addition, the Open Mainframe Project says that now that its Project Zowe is now 1-year-old, it is ready to help members, incorporate it with new and existing products that will enable integration of mainframe applications and data across the enterprise. To ensure vendors are delivering offerings that align with the Zowe framework, Open Mainframe Project is launching a Zowe Conformance Program.

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