Open Source Cloud Management Tool Released by announced the latest version of an open source cloud computing platform intended to help manage highly-scalable public and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds. The new release, CloudStack 2.2, is a foundation designed to enable data center operators to build on-demand, elastic cloud services within their existing IT infrastructures.

There is growing demand for private clouds built, managed and offered within the four walls of the enterprise, Peder Ulander, chief marketing officer for, observes. "I can only comment on the paid for clouds, although we have a significant number of downloads to enterprises off of our open source download site," he tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Given our initial push into the service provider realm, we are at about a 70/30 split between service provider deployments and enterprise deployments. If I look into our future and include our engaged customers that are in place today, I see that ratio narrowing to 50/50 in the next quarter or so."

CloudStack 2.2 supports VMware vSphere 4, Citrix XenServer 5.6 and the open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine running simultaneously in a single cloud. In addition, with networking features such as embedded software-based network management as well as VLAN and Direct Attach IP, administrators can integrate with any virtual or physical network architecture, the vendor says.

As an open source solution, CloudStack is configurable or customizable by end-user companies, says Ulander. "CloudStack 2.2 is completely open from a source perspective," he says. "Many companies will take this opportunity to customize for their needs."

CloudStack is also hybrid cloud ready, via CloudBridge, which enables applications to interoperate with other cloud solutions including Amazon EC2 and S3 APIs as well as the upcoming OpenStack API. Tight integration with cloud management partners such as RightScale helps customers manage multi-cloud, hybrid platforms that span from the private data center to the public cloud.

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