OpenDaylight Project Unveils New Architecture Details

The OpenDaylight Project, a community-led and industry-supported open source framework to advance software-defined networking (SDN), recently provided a first glimpse at the OpenDaylight SDN architecture for the first release called “Hydrogen.”

“The OpenDaylight community is developing an SDN architecture that supports a wide range of protocols and can rapidly evolve in the direction SDN goes, not based on any one vendor’s purposes,” explained David Meyer, Technical Steering Committee chair, OpenDaylight Project.

To accommodate a wide range of use cases, OpenDaylight Hydrogen includes new and legacy protocols such as OVSDB, OpenFlow 1.3.0, BGP and PCEP. It also includes multiple methods for network virtualization and two initial applications that leverage the features of OpenDaylight: Affinity Metadata Service to aid in policy management and Defense4All for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection. A plugin for OpenStack Neutron has been integrated, and the Open vSwitch Database project will allow management from within OpenStack.

More details are available about the OpenDaylight Project.