OpenELA Launches kernel-lts Project in Support of Linux kernel 4.14

After Linux kernal support ended in January, OpenELA announced its commitment to providing a platform for developers to collaborate on the maintenance of the 4.14 Linux kernel.

The OpenELA kernel-lts project is a repository that contains a continuation of long-term maintenance kernel releases hosted on This continuation follows all the upstream stable rules, does not target specific hardware, vendors, or users, and the patches are primarily selected from ongoing upstream stable kernels, according to the association.

OpenELA is a trade association of open source enterprise Linux distribution developers originally founded by CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE. OpenELA’s mission is to provide a secure, transparent, and reliable enterprise Linux source that is globally available to all as a buildable base.

“The OpenELA kernel-lts project is the first forum for enterprise Linux distribution vendors to pool our resources and collaborate on those older kernels after upstream support for those kernels has ended,” said Greg Marsden, SVP, Oracle Linux, Oracle. “The enterprise Linux distribution vendors that are contributing to the kernel-lts project have more recent enterprise kernels that we recommend for most workloads.”

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