OpenInsight 9.2 to be Showcased at Revelation 2010 Users’ Conference in Las Vegas

Revelation Software is entering beta testing for OpenInsight 9.2. Comprehensive details of the release will be presented at the Revelation Users' Conference, April 27-30, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, with general availability planned for May or June.

OpenInsight, version 9.2, contains many new features and enhancements, including three key components: O4W (OpenInsight for Web); the SQL Connector; and OpenInsight for D3, Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation, tells 5 Minute Briefing. There will be talks given on each of those subjects, as well as a wealth of other informative presentations.

In a presentation titled, "OpenInsight 9.2 Features and Functionality: An Overview," Mike Ruane, president and CEO, Revelation Software, will provide insight into the many new features and enhancements in OpenInsight version 9.2. Attendees to this session will be given a brief overview and demonstration of many of the new features and functionality in OpenInsight 9.2.

Additionally, in a presentation titled, "OpenInsight's New SQL Connector: How to Use SQL Tables Anyway You'd Like," Ruane will highlight the new SQL Connector built into the Database Manager. With this connector in place, tables and view on a SQL server can be treated by OpenInsight as if they were native OpenInsight tables, so you can create data entry forms, report, popups, and programs, all using the tools and skill set you already have.

Spotlighting O4W in "An Introduction to OpenInsight for Web," Catalano will explain how the OpenInsight for Web Development Toolkit makes it possible for OpenInsight developers with limited or no HTML/XML/Javascript experience to develop feature rich web pages integrated to an OpenInsight or Advanced Revelation database.

In "TigerLogic D3 - The Next Generation," TigerLogic's John Bramley will provide a first-hand look at the next generation of TigerLogic's D3 MultiValue database product, and explain how D3 can provide added performance and scalability to your MultiValue data.

The conference will also feature a keynote by Tom Wilson, president of Unisphere Media, which publishes Database Trends and Applications magazine and the 5 Minute Briefing series of email newsletters.

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