OpenLegacy and Compuware Partner for Rapid Automated Creation of Mainframe APIs for Large Enterprises

OpenLegacy, which delivers microservices-based API integration and management for core and legacy systems, is partnering with Compuware, which provides modern and agile mainframe software tools for DevOps, to accelerate mainframe integration with modern apps using APIs and microservices.

OpenLegacy bypasses traditional ESB/SOA technology stacks to automatically create microservices-based APIs from the legacy system itself. No changes are required of the legacy system, and the microservices can be deployed virtually anywhere: on-prem or in the cloud.

The OpenLegacy platform can now be directly accessed from Topaz Workbench, which provides the essentials of mainframe application development, testing, and management.

“In keeping with our quest to mainstream the mainframe through our customer-first and open-approach to DevOps, Compuware is excited to be collaborating with OpenLegacy,” said Chris O'Malley, president and CEO, Compuware. “The new integration with Topaz will empower customers to improve their mainframe software delivery quality, velocity, and efficiency within a continuously improving Topaz experience."

Now that the OpenLegacy platform can be accessed directly from Topaz Workbench, such integration provides both mainframe and non-mainframe developers with a common framework to create APIs and visualize, understand, debug, and maintain their cross-platform applications.

The OpenLegacy-created REST API is a master tool. Once created, developers can seamlessly debug and analyze the modernized code and data using Compuware’s full suite of Topaz products.

“The Compuware partnership is an example of the rapid expansion of OpenLegacy through horizontal, vertical, partner, and ISV channels, demonstrating how we can open doors for any company whose clients suffer legacy innovation issues,” said Zeev Avidan, chief product officer, OpenLegacy.

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