OpenQM 4.0 Introduces Data Integrity Constraints

Zumasys is enhancing its MultiValue database, OpenQM, with a mix of updates driven by its user community.

OpenQM 4.0 introduces Data Integrity Constraints, a community-driven feature and the winning idea from the Zumasys MultiValue Idea Contest.

Data Integrity Constraints will help new developers integrate with other applications and prevents invalid data from being written to file, ensuring data consistency.

OpenQM 4.0, the first major release since Zumasys acquired the database in 2019, is backed by Zumasys support resources in the United States and England.

Other OpenQM 4.0 features include:

  • MVConnect updates-Create inbound and outbound RESTful services and APIs using MVConnect, which is now included in OpenQM 4.0 for free
  • Raspberry Pi 4 support-Run your PICK application anywhere utilizing the latest release of the popular Raspberry Pi computer, which can literally fit in the palm of your hand
  • Profiling Utilities-Keep your application’s running quickly and find/analyze performance bottlenecks with OpenQM’s new profiling utilities and application performance metrics
  • NetObjects API Support-Lift and shift applications using propriety connectivity tools for .NET/Java access from other MultiValue platforms using NetObjects

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