OpenTech Systems Adds Local Data Set Recovery to Automated DASD Backup and Recovery Solution

OpenTech Systems, Inc., a provider of z/OS tape data migration software and services, tape-based data center relocation/consolidation software and services, and tape-based disaster recovery software, has added several advanced data set recovery features to its DASD Backup Supervisor (DBS) product. The newly released version of DBS now fully supports the recovery of one or more individual data sets from DFDSS (logical or physical) or FDR full volume backups including VSAM data sets.

The local data set recovery feature fully automates the time consuming process of locating and restoring individual data sets. DBS provides an ISPF panel which allows storage administrators to select from a list of data sets and automatically create the JCL to restore the data set. Storage administrators can easily customize the JCL, if they so choose, by selecting from various options such as Rename and Catalog.

In addition, DBS provides a unique user-invoked standalone ISPF panel which allows users such as application programmers to recover their own data sets. Like storage administrators, users can customize JCL by selecting from various options such as Rename and Catalog. The user-invoked local data set recovery feature enables application programmers and other IT professionals to now recover one or more data sets without waiting for assistance from their help desk or storage admin personnel

This capability is expected to be useful, for example, in scenarios where developers may have inadvertently deleted a data set they needed, so they can restore it without asking and waiting for help, Bruce Fisher, director of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. In addition, it could be used in situations where data has become garbled and they need to recover a previous version of the data set without requiring an entire the entire full volume backup. It is a convenience, explains Fisher, that will save time for both developers and for supporting IT help desk or storage administration personnel.

In addition, OpenTech Systems has also added support for FDRABR full volume and incremental backups to DBS for users who prefer to use FDRABR as their primary backup software. This gives FDRABR users the full range of DBS' DASD backup and recovery automation features that in the past were available only to DFDSS and FDR users.

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