OpenTech Systems Announces CopyExport Manager for IBM’s TS7740

OpenTech Systems, Inc., a provider of z/OS disaster recovery and tape data migration solutions for IBM z/OS data centers, has introduced CopyExport Manager for IBM's TS7740.

OpenTech Systems' CopyExport Manager (CEM) is parameter-driven software that automates IBM's TS7740 copy export process while integrating the copy export physical tape information into the tape management system. CEM may be used in either a TS7740 stand-alone or grid configuration and it automates the copy export process by eliminating the need for REXX coding to implement copy export. CEM automates the copy export processes required to make copies of tape data sets and export them from the TS7740 for shipment to the vault. CEM also provides several additional features to audit the entire copy export process and it creates a database to track logical to physical relationships, provide extensive reporting and ensure a successful TS7740 recovery.

When IBM introduced the TS7740 virtual tape library, they also introduced a copy export function which would allow the users to export tape data to a vault to address their needs for disaster recovery, compliance and archiving, Bruce Fisher, director of marketing for OpenTech Systems, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "They also provided some JCL and also some REXX code to help the users implement that capability," Fisher explains.

"Our customers typically like to have a commercially developed and a commercial supported product. We saw a need to provide that for the TS7740 so our customers could have a product that would allow them to implement the copy export function through the use of a parameter-driven product. That was the reason for the development." TS77440 is the next generation virtual tape library and has that capability, notes Fisher. "We are just making it easier to use, and of course a commercially supported product keeps up with operating system releases, etc., without the user having to continually have to maintain the product."

CEM automates and audits the TS7740 copy export process, to ensure that all user data is backed up and recoverable. Automating the backup process reduces copy export implementation time, user intervention, human error and DR costs. For additional details about CopyExport Manager, go here.