OpenTech Systems' DR/Xpert for DB2 Backs Up User Data and System Objects

OpenTech Systems, Inc., a leading provider of IBM z/OS Disaster Recovery and Storage Management solutions to automate IT processes and ensure business continuity for IBM z/OS-centric data centers, has announced a new release of DR/Xpert for DB2 which automates the backup and recovery for DB2 system objects including the directory and catalog as well as user data.

DR/Xpert for DB2 works in conjunction with DB2 utilities from IBM, BMC, and CA to backup and recover DB2 systems in z/OS environments. For example, DR/Xpert will use IBM Job Control Language (JCL) to build the jobs that will drive such specific products as BMC COPY PLUS for DB2 or BMC RECOVER PLUS for DB2 which actually perform the backup and recovery processes of the database.

To ensure recoverability, the latest release of DR/Xpert automatically audits the DB2 catalog and automatically builds the jobs to drive the aforementioned third-party utilities to backup and recover both DB2 user data and system objects, including the user directory and catalog objects. To ensure an efficient recovery, DR/Xpert for DB2 also performs intelligent grouping of DB2 objects and determines the most efficient object image copy and recovery. This ensures that all backup and recovery jobs complete within user defined time limits.

Additionally, the latest release supports user-managed objects which allows DBAs to exclude specific objects from automated object groupings, and perform ad hoc object backups/recoveries as needed. Lastly, DR/Xpert for DB2 performs an automatic recoverability audit, and identifies and reports on all image copies and archive log datasets.

Bruce Fisher, director of marketing for OpenTech Systems, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "DR/Xpert for DB2 now automatically creates the JCLs and ensures the recovery process for system objects as well as user data, which the former version already did. Most DBAs are responsible for daily backups and it has often been a manual process to generate the JCL jobs to backup and recover system objects. Now they can use DR/Xpert to automate these processes for both user data and system objects. DR/Xpert also performs a recoverability audit to ensure the DB2 system objects and user data can actually be recovered when needed."

For more information about the latest release of DR/Xpert for DB2 and about OpenTech Systems, go here.