OpenText Improves Platform for Managing Enterprise Information

OpenText, a provider of enterprise information management (EIM) solutions, is releasing an enhanced version of its namesake platform, addressing key areas of the user experience, machine-to-machine integration, automation, and more.

“It is the most complete and functionally integrated EIM platform in the market today, full stop,” said Adam Howatson, chief marketing officer. “That is huge for a marketer to be able to make that statement so we are delighted about that. That’s one of the key differentiators is the breadth of capability, depth of integration and the fact that it’s a single platform from a single provider.”

The platform, OpenText 16, was introduced at OpenText Enterprise World 2015, features Cloud 16, and is a single platform that manages and analyzes the entire flow of information.

OpenText 16 is a rich digital platform that helps customers make a coordinated digital transformation through a single vendor, according to the company.

The platform can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or on hybrid cloud environments.

“It’s more than $2 billion in investment for us, it is the most complete and functionally integrated release for Enterprise Information Management in the market today, there’s a heavy emphasis on analytics, embedded reporting, visualization, hybrid cloud support, mobility and user experience with a huge litany of new features and capabilities across the product lines that we think are really going to delight customers as we get to market next week,” Howatson said. 

Key features in this release include analytics and reporting integrations , information flows, access to theOpenText Business Network, mobility, integration with PostgresSQL, Salesforce, and SAP, connected workspaces, simplified application development, upgraded compliance and security, adaptive media delivery, and more.

“The proliferation of reporting, visualization, and analytics across all five of our product lines is now available comprehensively, ubiquitously across our suites and clouds will also delight end users,” Howatson said.  “The future is bright.”

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