OpenText Partners With SAP on B2B Managed Services

OpenText, a company specializing in enterprise information management, is partnering with SAP SE to provide B2B managed services and capabilities to multinational enterprises.

“OpenText is pleased to expand its partnership with SAP to help companies simplify the increasing complexities of trading partners and B2B management,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, president and CEO of OpenText.

OpenText provides a B2B services solution called B2B Managed Services that manages daily B2B operations required while exchanging a variety of transactions with business partners.

Together with Ariba, an SAP company, OpenText will provide customers with a solution that enables them to improve time to revenue, reduce costs, and help to advance the digital transformation that today’s leaders are undertaking, according to Barrenechea.

“OpenText seeks to simplify the complex B2B integrations that often weigh companies down through its world-class managed services capabilities, and we are pleased to be teaming with them to help businesses run with greater speed and simplicity than ever before,” said Alex Atzberger, president of Ariba.

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