OpenText Releases New AI Platform

OpenText, a provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, is unveiling a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics.

“This is rooted in our EIM heritage, one that we want to bring machine learning to all of the enterprise information management business classes that we own,” said Tom Dong, OpenText’s vice president of Product Marketing.

The platform, named Magellan will acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data and big content. Magellan’s cognitive computing platform offers users machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization, in an easy to use and affordable package.

Powered by OpenText Analytics, and Apache Spark, OpenText Magellan integrates across any EIM architecture to reduce the time, effort, and expertise required to leverage the value of advanced analytics in decision making and task automation.

The solution is designed to enable customers to leverage Machine Learning to unlock the value of EIM data by analyzing customers, trading partners, employees, orders, invoices, cases, documents and other data managed in these systems; deliver value from AI faster and cost-effectively by deploying a cohesive platform with pre-integrated components to minimize the effort and expertise required to go live; democratize access to AI by empowering data scientists to create custom algorithms for use by business analysts and operational users; utilize an open-source, Apache Spark-based platform to automatically derive the most current and complete insights from Big Data and EIM Content to achieve optimal outcomes; and augment applications automatically with fast, self-service analytics, empowering business users to delve deep into massive amounts of data and derive actionable insight.

A variety of users will benefit from this platform including customers who manage supply networks, prescriptive analysts, and more, according to Dong.

OpenText Magellan is part of the OpenText EIM portfolio, enabling organizations to discover and manage information to spur growth and innovation and decrease time to competitive advantage.

As the company looks to the future they hope to forge more partnerships in the industry to boost Magellan.

“It’s not the volume of data that’s the challenge, it’s the type of data, what to do with all of this unstructured data out there?” Dong said. “For us this an opportunity.”

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