Oracle Achieves World Record TPC-H 3TB Non-Clustered Benchmark Result

Oracle has announced a world record non-clustered TPC-H 3TB benchmark result demonstrating the scalability of Oracle Database 11g running on Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server.

The benchmark result "clearly demonstrates the superior data warehousing performance and value delivered by the combination of Oracle Database 11g and Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server," states Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. "This benchmark result provides customers with a great metric to substantiate their investment in Oracle."

Running on a Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server, equipped with 32 SPARC64 VII 2.88 GHz processors, and Sun Storage 6180 arrays, Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Solaris achieved a world record TPC-H 3 TB non-clustered performance result of 198,907.5 QphH@3000GB with a price of $16.58/QphH@3000GB.

According to the Transaction Processing Performance Council, the TPC-H is a decision support benchmark, consisting of a suite of business-oriented ad hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. For more details about the Transaction Processing Performance Council TPC-H benchmark, go here.

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