Oracle Acquires DataFox

Oracle is acquiring DataFox, whose cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) data engine and derived business content provide company-level information and insightful data to optimize business decisions. The combination of Oracle and DataFox is expected to enhance Oracle Cloud Applications with an AI-derived company-level data and signals, enabling customers to reach better decisions and business outcomes.

Organizations utilize DataFox’s insightful data to prioritize accounts, enrich CRM data and identify new prospects. According to Oracle, DataFox’s AI data engine continuously extracts detailed company-level data on more than 2.8 million public and private businesses while adding 1.2 million businesses annually. Additional context from over 5 million digital properties, 70,000 daily news articles and 756,000 unique signals gives customers real-time insight to know when a business exhibits noteworthy behaviors. DataFox’s Company Intelligence Platform powers critical use cases, including account scoring, lead enrichment and in-browser company insights, among others, while refreshing and harmonizing CRM data in third-party applications.

Together, Oracle says the companies will enrich cloud applications with AI-driven company-level data, powering recommendations to elevate business performance across the enterprise.

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