Oracle Adds New Retail Cloud Services to Enterprise SaaS App Portfolio

To help retailers deliver a consistent experience wherever their customers choose to shop, Oracle has introduced a suite of cloud and on-premise solutions embedded with analytics that retailers can use to personalize offers, streamline operations, and increase sales and margins.

With Oracle Retail Release 15, the company has embedded more of its business intelligence capabilities throughout retailers’ most critical processes and extended greater access and mobility via the cloud. 

“For the first time, retailers can use Oracle Cloud services to pinpoint promotions customers want to see, forecast and meet demand for items with unique attributes and manage inventory in a singular, more effective manner across commerce, store and wholesale channels,” said Jill Standish (Puleri), senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail.

There are four new retail-specific cloud services:  

  • Using Oracle Retail Sales and Productivity Cloud Service, retailers can gain real-time insights into comparative sales, salesperson productivity, merchandise productivity, store sales, and store traffic.
  • Retailers can use Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service to facilitate collaborative planning across commerce, store and wholesale channels and to better align the day-to-day decisions that impact sales, inventory buys and promotions with topline business strategy.
  • New levels of business intelligence embedded in the Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting Cloud Service enable retailers to identify and fine tune product selection, pricing and promotions for items sharing similar attributes – such as patterns or images that are “hot” fashion trends in the apparel industry or specific flavors of yogurt for grocers.
  • Retailers can increase sales and improve customer service by using Oracle Retail Customer Segmentation Science Cloud Service to identify why customers buy certain items and tailor offerings to meet their needs.

Oracle is delivering new retail analytics and optimization technology throughout Oracle Retail Release 15 to provide retailers with greater insight and efficiencies. New Oracle algorithms decrease the time required to manually complete the exception-based processes that typify retailers’ complex invoice matching process by automating up to 90% of invoice matches. And, across its entire offering, Oracle has made its solutions more mobile and designed its user interface to appeal to anyone already accustomed to common search and reporting tools as well as standard internet browser applications.

The new release also upgrades and integrates Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service and merchandising solutions to share insights between stores, merchandising, pricing, and sales audit processes.

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