Oracle Airline Data Model - New Option to Oracle DB 11g Enterprise Edition

Oracle has unveiled Oracle Airline Data Model, a standards-based, pre-built database schema to help airlines optimize the collection, storage, and analysis of passenger data from reservations, sales, operations, loyalty, customer service and finance in their data warehouse. Available as an option for Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, the new Oracle Airline Data Model delivers a comprehensive database schema for passenger data, sophisticated analytics, trending and data mining capabilities.

Oracle Airline Data Model is part of Oracle's Passenger Data Management solution for the airline industry which also includes the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g. The Oracle Airline Data Model and the Oracle Passenger Data Management solution is designed to help airlines shorten and simplify migration of passenger data from legacy systems and enable consolidation of passenger data residing in multiple data repositories.

"To retain and grow their customer base in an extremely competitive environment, airlines need to be able to quickly and easily collect and analyze passenger data in order to deliver the best possible customer experience," said Cetin Ozbutun, vice president, Data Warehouse Technologies, Oracle. "Oracle Airline Data Model makes this easier by delivering a comprehensive passenger data model with pre-built industry specific key performance indicators, OLAP cubes for multi dimensional analysis and data mining for predictive analytics. Built to work with Oracle data warehouses, airlines can quickly and easily realize the benefits."

More information is available about the Oracle Airline Data Model and Oracle Database 11g.