Oracle Announces Autonomous JSON Database for App Developers

Oracle has introduced the availability of Autonomous JSON Database—a new developer-friendly database service.

The new service was announced in an Oracle blog post by Beda Hammerschmidt.

According to Hammerschmidt, Autonomous JSON Database is built on the Oracle Autonomous Database foundation. This service provisions new databases quickly, scales up and down with no downtime to the application, patches databases online, takes automatic backups with point-in-time recovery, provides disaster-recovery capabilities, and has advanced security features. The goal of an autonomous database is zero administration, so that developers can spend more time on their application and less on setting up and managing a database.

Autonomous JSON Database stores JSON documents in a native tree-oriented binary format. This native JSON format is optimized for fast reads (avoiding linear scans) and partial updates (reducing redo/undo log sizes). The result is a document database providing low latency CRUD operations and full ACID consistency (including multi-document transactions); native document API for application development and full SQL support for applications; native JSON storage and scalable, parallel, in-memory query optimizations. 

Autonomous JSON Database also provides key application features including:

built-in machine learning algorithms, spatial queries

  • advanced security features like fine-grained access control
  • a mature server-side procedural language
  • a complete low-code development environment
  • ACID transactions with no time or transaction size limits
  • simple and fast cross-collection joins and/or aggregations
  • intelligent search indexes over entire JSON documents

The Autonomous JSON Database is available to try with a free Oracle Cloud Trial account, at