Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Advancing Oracle's application-to-disk management strategy and delivering on Oracle's Sun integration roadmap, Oracle yesterday announced the availability of the newest addition in the Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, which offers extensive capabilities for managing physical and virtual Sun environments.

Yesterday, Oracle also introduced Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Connector for Ops Center, which provides Oracle Enterprise Manager customers with visibility into underlying Sun servers, Oracle Solaris and associated virtualization, helping them to resolve issues that could impact application, middleware and database service levels. Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle's unified solution for managing the complete software-hardware stack from application to disk, enabling customers to reduce complexity and increase efficiency in their data centers.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is used to manage both physical and virtual systems, and in contrast to tools that address only certain stages, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center also manages across the entire system lifecycle from discovery to provisioning, updating, monitoring and management.

"As the number of servers proliferates and the adoption of virtualization accelerates, organizations are becoming increasingly challenged with the complexity of managing their global IT infrastructure," states Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president for product development. "With the addition of Ops Center to the Oracle Enterprise Manager product family, customers are able to gain key insights into the capacity and health of their systems, enabling them to take proactive steps to increase flexibility and efficiency and decrease operational costs."

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides full lifecycle management of Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly known as Logical Domains or LDoms) to offer customers a single place to manage both their physical and virtual infrastructure; support for Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade, allowing customers to automatically patch and update Oracle Solaris systems with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center's software dependency engine without needing to bring down those systems; and built-in knowledge of Oracle software and Sun systems, offering the ability to automate and achieve operational standards faster.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Connector allows Ops Center event notifications-hardware faults, operating system performance, and other infrastructure events-to be passed to the Oracle Enterprise Manager console, where they become Oracle Enterprise Manager notifications, thus helping administrators more quickly address potential issues. The connector is available for download free of charge.