Oracle Announces Comprehensive Data Integration Platform Cloud

At OpenWorld 2017, Oracle announced the Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, a new platform that brings together Oracle’s data integration products into one solution to provide broad data integration capabilities for replicating mission-critical data, profiling, enriching, transforming, cleansing, and matching for all data needs, including for analytics and business solutions.

Aimed at providing simplified integration and faster time to market, the Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud aggregates Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integration, and Oracle data quality solutions in one solution delivered in the cloud.

"The typical enterprise IT architecture is getting increasingly complex, and most organizations are running into a series of issues when taking on big data initiatives," explained Jeff Pollock, VP, product management, Oracle Data Integration.   "Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud tackles all of these issues at once by delivering an end-to-end, unified integration experience across environments."

By bringing together Oracle’s integration products into one comprehensive cloud platform, it is helping to ensure that companies can manage their entire data integration pipeline with a single solution and easily integrate new sources of data in any format to transform their businesses. "For the typical customer, this means that common IT projects like data migration, data warehousing and data governance can be completed more quickly than before." The benefit of having unified capabilities is that the software services can enable greater automation and efficiency, more timely data, and complete end-to-end visibility of the data itself, said Pollock.

"No matter where customers are in their cloud journey, Oracle plans to continue to offer the most comprehensive, open, and integrated platform to quickly and securely develop and deploy business-critical applications," said Amit Zavery, SVP, product development, Oracle Cloud Platform. With recent Oracle Cloud Platform enhancements and new cloud services, Oracle continues to help customers deliver new innovations, embrace disruptive emerging technologies, and out-perform their competition, Zavery said.

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