Oracle Announces Digital Sales Solution and CDM for B2C Service

Oracle is announcing a new CDM for B2C Service as well as a new high-velocity digital sales solution. The offerings were introduced in recent Oracle blog posts.

According to Oracle, duplicate, siloed and out-of-sync customer data is a significant problem for brands worldwide—hindering the ability to gain a full view of a customer, and also costing brands millions of dollars each year. To help address the problem, Oracle has announced the Customer Data Management (CDM) for B2C Service. Oracle’s CDM is a proven solution used successfully by many of Oracle’s B2B customers and now the company is making it available for B2C organizations, which typically have a much larger number of customer records. This solution will give B2C enterprise brands the ability to create and maintain the “golden customer record” for tens of millions of customers in siloed systems.

The new CDM for B2C Service offers three components:

  • Customer Data Hub: Enables brands to create and maintain a customer master record that is used by multiple systems.
  • Data Quality: Allows brands to leverage AI-fueled tools to match and clean rogue data at the scale B2C enterprises command.
  • Enrichment: Capabilities correct address information globally

Separately, Oracle announced its new high-velocity Digital Sales Solution, a new solution designed for digital sellers, and offering a user interface that prioritizes speed and intuitively guides the selling process. 

  • Key elements of the solution are the following:
  • A UI that helps sales reps qualify strong opportunities faster and move on from the weak opportunities quickly. 
  • Automation, shortcuts and a digital assistant to reduce data entry and endless clicks
  • Proactive reminders, real-time updates and AI-based recommendations

Oracle Digital Sales will be Oracle's first CX application featuring Oracle’s new Redwood user experience, which was introduced at Oracle OpenWorld. Drawing on core tenets of Redwood, Oracle Digital Sales is intended to bring together an intuitive selling experience, AI, contextual data, automation, and integrated voice and sales communication tools in a modern user experience.

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