Oracle Announces Four New Cloud Regions

Oracle has announcedgeneral availability of four new cloud regions across four key geographies. Following launches completed this year in Toronto, Tokyo, and Seoul, Oracle has just launched a region in Mumbai, India, and will shortly be going live in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sydney, Australia; and Zurich, Switzerland.

The details of the new launches in India, Brazil, Australia, and Switzerland were shared in a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure blog post by Andrew Reichman director of product management, Oracle Cloud.

“These new geographies are busy markets for Oracle, with wide usage of on-premises and cloud technologies. We expect the local availability of Oracle Cloud regions to drive greater usage by eliminating data residency and latency issues,” said Reichman.

The new regions give customers access to the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database for transactional and analytics workloads, the raw performance of Oracle’s bare metal and Exadata cloud instances, and fast local and remote SSD storage options, he added. Beyond these infrastructure offerings, the  newly announced Oracle Functions serverless computing service lets customers automate their deployments with a wide range of industry-standard infrastructure-as-code platforms, including Terraform, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, along with a range of higher-level services, including our AI/ML, analytics, IoT, and mobile suites to accelerate innovative application development. 

“For all these regions, our high-speed global network enables enterprises to move data within our worldwide network of cloud regions. And, our FastConnect dedicated private line network service enables them to easily connect their own data centers to our cloud,” said Reichman.