Oracle Announces Four New IoT Cloud Applications

Oracle is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio with four new cloud solutions to help businesses take advantage of digital supply chains. The solutions allow organizations to detect, analyze, and respond to IoT signals.

According to Oracle, signals from IoT-enabled devices represent an opportunity for organizations to better manage, interpret, and leverage data, and the organizations that have the ability to integrate device data into their business processes and applications can gain critical predictive insights and drive cost-effective actions.

The new cloud applications integrate with Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud Applications. The four new solutions are IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud, which monitors assets, utilization, availability, and data from connected sensors and creates incidents in the backend SCM, ERP, or Service Clouds to automate the workflows; IoT Connected Worker Cloud which tracks employees to support safety, service, and regulatory compliance initiatives; IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud, which monitors position and progress of passenger, service, and delivery vehicles and driver-behavior; and  IoT Production Monitoring Cloud to monitor  production

By applying predictive analytics to the device signals, Oracle  says, the IoT applications calculate business-specific KPIs and trigger automated actions in real time, delivering capabilities, such as predictive maintenance, diagnostic dashboards, and increased real-time visibility,

These IoT Cloud applications are built on the Oracle IoT Cloud and Oracle Big Data Cloud, and also integrate with Oracle SCM Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud, as well as on-premises software.