Oracle Announces General Availability of Bare Metal Cloud Services

Oracle has announced the general availability of the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, which was first introduced at Oracle OpenWorld in September by Oracle chairman and CTO Larry Ellison.

The Bare Metal Cloud Services is a public cloud that offers bare metal compute in a virtualized, high performance network environment. Additional services include network block storage, object storage, identity and access management, VPN connectivity, and a software-defined Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) that allows customers to treat the Bare Metal Cloud Services as an extension of their on-premises network. The services can be provisioned on-demand, by console or API, with pay-for-use billing.

Billed as “the cloud for your most demanding workloads,” the services are available in a new U.S.-Southwest region, with additional regions to be subsequently added. Oracle says the U.S.-Southwest Region consists of three fault-independent Availability Domains, enabling customers to build high availability, high durability applications in the cloud without sacrificing performance.

Since Oracle does not charge for traffic within or between availability domains, it says customers are able to deploy all of their applications with high availability/redundancy that is tolerant to power, network, site failure. The company also notes that zero-data-loss configurations such as Oracle MAA can be the default for all their applications, and suggests it is optimal for scale-out databases like Cassandra, as well, which require three sites for "true fault tolerance."

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