Oracle Announces Mainframe Virtual Library Extension

Oracle has announced the StorageTek Virtual Library Extension (VLE), one of the industry's first highly scalable second tiers of disk storage that optimizes tape processing in mainframe environments. Oracle says the new offering delivers two times the disk scalability to boost performance and accommodate growing workloads, along with five times the availability of current mainframe tape solutions.

The VLE offering offers an integrated three-tier approach to storage (FC disk, SAS disk and tape) in a single solution. The new product is designed to help companies economically keep active data on disk longer before migrating it to tape for long term storage.

"Since its inception more than 40 years ago, the StorageTek mainframe storage business has been a driving force behind innovation in the industry," says John Fowler, executive vice president of systems for Oracle. "This innovative approach to mainframe tiered storage provide customers with a way to cost-effectively keep data on disk for longer time period while still leveraging the long term cost savings of tape."

StorageTek tape libraries support both mainframe and non-mainframe environments within a single library, providing an integrated data protection solution with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle 11g Recovery Manager and Oracle Secure Backup software running with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux, as well as with leading third-party operating systems, open systems storage management products, and mainframe storage management software.

The addition of the StorageTek Virtual Library Extension to a Virtual Storage Manager environment provides up to an additional 3.5PB of effective disk storage space, Oracle says.

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