Oracle Announces New In-Memory Application for E-Business Suite

Oracle has introduced Oracle In-Memory Cost Management for Process Industries for Oracle E-Business Suite to help customers in process industries, such as in Natural Resources, Life Sciences, Food; Beverage, Chemicals, and Consumer Goods, meet strategic cost management objectives. The In-Memory Cost Management for Process Industries is optimized for high performance on Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine or Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine which can manage large and complex data sets in real-time.

An integrated suite of hardware and software, Oracle In-Memory Cost Management for Process Industries provides a new set of in-memory applications that help cost accountants, and operations, finance, and procurement managers make critical costing decisions in real-time.

Providing Real-Time Insight into Cost Data for Process Industries

With the ability to virtually eliminate the long wait times for batch processes to complete on huge data sets that typical cost management systems have today, the In-Memory Cost Management for Process Industries includes Cost Impact Simulator, Gross Profit Analyzer, and a Cost Comparison Tool that provide users with real-time actionable insight.

Oracle’s Cost Impact Simulator and Gross Profit Analyzer 

Oracle’s Cost Impact Simulator and Gross Profit Analyzer help organizations do multidimensional cost analysis leveraging complex formulas, recipes, and routing data; perform detailed ‘what-if’ cost simulations and fast analyses of cost and related inventory valuations; and assess impact on future margins including potential downstream impact oCost Comparison Tool f unshipped orders and forecasted demand.

Oracle's Cost Comparison Tool 

In addition, the provides a new deep dive into product cost structure comparison. The tool allows organizations to quickly process and visualize large volumes of cost data to they can discover hidden opportunities to further shrink operational costs. The tool enables customers to view and analyze the details of complex cost structures across multiple manufacturing locations, legal entities, and accounting periods.

More information is available about Oracle In-Memory Applications.