Oracle Announces New Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle has announced the first Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition. The aim of the new Oracle VM Template for MySQL is to help eliminate manual configuration efforts and risks by providing a pre-installed, pre-configured and certified software stack that includes Oracle VM Server for x86, Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and MySQL Enterprise Edition.

By pre-integrating the open source database with Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization technologies, enterprise users and ISVs can quickly and easily deploy and manage a virtualized MySQL database server for web and cloud-based applications.

"By using the Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition, organizations do not have to spend the time downloading, installing, configuring and testing all the components together before deploying in production. They can get straight out of the box a pre-installed and pre-configured software stack having undergone extensive testing and certified for production use. This saves time, effort and risk, and lowers costs, not only for initial deployments but also to provision replicated scale out environments, which is important for web- and cloud-based apps," an Oracle spokesperson tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The time saving depends on the organization, so, in other words, some will still test the template but reduce the coverage to just 50% of normal tests - and that could save 1 - 2 weeks, the spokesperson notes. "We have also implemented high availability scripts for MySQL in the template which could take a developer another couple of weeks to develop and QA. Therefore, the time saving can easily be several weeks when comparing putting the template into production vs. building your own, then deploying to production."

The new Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition also provides users with access to the comprehensive suite of MySQL management tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Query Analyzer, MySQL Workbench, and MySQL Enterprise Backup.

Oracle VM Templates are also available for Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris and other Oracle products.