Oracle Announces NoSQL Database Cloud Service

Oracle has announced the availability of the NoSQL Database Cloud Service on the Oracle Cloud as a pay-as-you-go, server-less, and fully managed service, running on the latest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI Gen 2).

According to Oracle, the NoSQL Database Cloud Service can seamlessly handle schema-less JSON and fixed schema data, in addition to pure key-value data, providing users with flexible data modeling options and the advantage of being able to rapidly develop and deploy applications without a steep learning curve. Users can also scale their data sizes from tens of kilobytes to hundreds of terabytes, and their operation throughputs from tens per second to hundreds of thousands per second by changing their provisioned capacity. 

Moreover, says Oracle, the service provides a SQL language interface, delivering interoperability between document and fixed-schema data models. Users also have deployment options to run the same application in the cloud or on-premise, with no platform lock-in. There is an SDK, support for languages such as Python, Go, Node.js and Java, and a graphical user interface for speed in development and deployment. As workloads change with periodic business fluctuations, applications can increase or decrease their provisioned throughput to maintain a consistent user experience, and—to protect applications against unplanned downtime, outages, and data loss—there is automatic failure detection and failover.

For more information, check Oracle Cloud Data Regions for availability of Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Services by region, and the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service Documentation.