Oracle Announces Optimized x86 Servers for Oracle Database, Large-Memory Applications and Virtualization

New workload specific x86 servers have been introduced by Oracle. The Sun Server X4-4 and Sun Server X4-8 offer features in the hardware to dynamically adapt to workload specific requirements and maximize system utilization.

According to the company, with Oracle's x86 elastic computing capabilities  - achieved by engineering together the server design based on Intel Xeon Processor E7-8895 v2 with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux - customers can configure the systems to dynamically optimize for core count or core performance to support optimal performance for a given workload.

Oracle’s x86 servers are key building blocks for Oracle Engineered Systems. The Sun Server X4-8 is best suited for running Oracle Database and, when combined with the Oracle Database In-Memory option, can speed up query processing by allowing even more of the database to be memory-optimized, while th Sun Server X4-4 is optimized for applications requiring large memory footprint virtual machines and is ideal for running real time analytics software. In addition, the new servers are data center space-efficient and are able to manage extreme memory and I/O requirements for mission-critical workloads. 

“The Sun Server X4-4 and Sun Server x4-8 further Oracle’s goal of simplifying IT and significantly reducing operating expenses for our customers by delivering products that are best for Oracle Database In-Memory Option and business analytics,” said Ali Alasti, senior vice president, Hardware Development, Oracle. “Through close collaboration with Intel, we are the first to announce servers based on the new Intel Xeon E7-8895 v2 processors and the first with unique capabilities that allow customers to dynamically address different workloads in real time.”

More information is available about the Sun Server X4-8 and Sun Server X4-4.