Oracle Announces Oracle Database API for MongoDB

Oracle has announced the general availability of a new API for Autonomous JSON Database—the Oracle Database API for MongoDB. The announcement was made in an Oracle Database Insider blog post by Roger Ford, principal product manager, Oracle.

Oracle says that with the new API, developers can continue to use MongoDB's open source tools and drivers connected to an Oracle Autonomous JSON Database while gaining access to Oracle’s multi-model capabilities and the benefits of a self-driving database. Customers can now run MongoDB workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and, often, the company says, little or no changes are required to existing applications—just change the connection string.

“Autonomous JSON Database is designed for JSON-centric development at low cost. Developers can use both the API for MongoDB and Oracle SQL for accessing the same document data, avoiding the need to move data to a separate database for analytics, machine learning, spatial analysis, and more,” said Ford.

According to Ford, this provides an alternative to MongoDB Atlas, with advanced features such as:

  • Full analytical queries and reports using scalable SQL
  • Joins between different JSON document collections, or between JSON documents and other relational data
  • Expose relational data and analytical query results as MongoDB collections
  • Run machine learning algorithms or spatial analysis over JSON document data
  • Low Code application development using Oracle APEX
  • ACID transactions without limits on duration or data sizes
  • Enterprise security features, such as Database Vault to prevent administrators from accessing user data.

The API for MongoDB is also available for Oracle’s flagship cloud database service, Autonomous Database.

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